Why should I use Listmee?

Listmee is a startup-focussed connector of people and projects.

Got a project? A startup? An idea?
Find people with the skillset you need to get things going.
Post a project on Listmee if you're looking for a cofounder, freelancer, mentor or intern.
Specify what you're after, whether you need someone local or remote, whether it's paid, equity or volunteer.
Sit back and wait for someone to find you, or browse profiles and express interest in candidates.
When interest is mutual, communication lines open.

Got professional skills? Looking for work that's more meaningful?
​Start or build a portfolio, gain valuable experience, get your foot in the door at the next big startup.
Build a profile on Listmee and find a project for which you can cofound, freelance, mentor or intern.
Remote and local opportunities worldwide on paid, equity and volunteer terms. Specify what you're looking for.
Wait for a project to approach you, or browse the site and express interest in whatever takes your fancy.
When interest is mutual, communication lines open.

Then what happens?

That's up to you! Come to whatever arrangement suits both parties and take on the world!

Does it cost anything?

Nope! Posting jobs and profiles on Listmee takes only a few minutes and is free.

What kinds of people will I find on Listmee?

As with any other online medium, and in real life, a level of caution is required. For the most part you'll come across genuine people and real projects with pure motives and honest intentions. However, it's important to understand that it is logistically impossible for Listmee to background check every User. For that reason, we strongly recommend you carefully conduct your own due diligence (e.g. online research, requesting certified copies of qualifications, a [public] meeting...) before committing your precious time and money to anyone or anything. 

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts with more details and resources for verifying skills and assertions made online.

I'm having problems! How can I contact Listmee?

Email us at help@listmee.co or reach out on Facebook or Twitter. We'll gladly help you out and are always grateful for your feedback or suggestions too.