Jarryd Fillmore

Jarryd Fillmore - Web Designer

Hi there! My name is Jarryd Fillmore. I play guitar, hockey, and sing as well. That's it!

Freelancer Paid Telecommute: Definitely No

Hey there, my name is Jarryd Fillmore and welcome to my Listmee page.

The intent of the page is to basically discover who I am and a little bit about me.

I love web design and web development. It's something that I was interested in from a very, very early age. I also love my friends and family, as they're the world to me.

I enjoy playing a myriad of sports as well. Hockey, baseball, beach volleyball, and football just to name a few. I actually love playing dodgeball as well, it's a great game.

Well, that's all for now. I can fill the rest out later!

My Skills

  • Business Development
  • Architecture
  • Acting
  • Civil
  • General (Culinary Arts)
  • Winemaking